Bethel's Kingdom Building History

1966 ~ Following a vision from the Lord, Mrs. Miriam E. Dennis, together with her husband Reverend Alwyn Dennis, started a mission according to the vision given to Mrs. Dennis. This mission with the Lord on their side and eight members started in their home.

1970 ~ With the assistance of Pastors S.A. Scarlett of the Republic of Panama and James Wright of Jamaica, New York, and the mission officially incorporated as a church in September becoming known as Bethel Baptist Church. The Church than moved from the Dennis’ home, to its’ new location. A storefront building located at 205-28 Linden Blvd., St Albans, New York.

1972 ~ Reverend Alwyn and Mrs. Miriam Dennis were blessed to purchase a plot of land at 197-23 Linden Boulevard, St Albans, New York where Bethel presently and proudly is located today.

1988 ~ Mrs. Miriam E. Dennis was ordained to the title of Reverend at the Metropolitan New York Baptist Association in the presence of many witnesses who accompanied her for this God lead occasion.

1989 ~ Under now Pastor Alwyn and Co-Pastor Miriam Dennis Bethel Baptist Church flourished and was rich with the following ministries: Bible Study, Discipleship & Evangelism Training, Vacation Bible School, Prison Ministry, Nursing Home Visitation, and Ministry to the Homeless, Clothing Distribution, Youth Ministry, Typing & Computer Classes, Tutoring Services, & CPR Training.

1993 ~ Reverend Alwyn Dennis transitioned this life and Co-Pastor Miriam Dennis was left to carry on the work of the church until she succumbed to illness in 2000. During her time of illness, she was assisted by Reverend Robert Griffin and her assistant Minister Ian Neil who continued to lead the church when she was no longer able to do so.

2003 ~ Reverend Alvan R. Ross ministered, received his ordination and pastored the church until December 2006 after which the leadership of the church was maintained by the Diaconate Ministry under Deacons Patrick Powell and Mary Abernathy until the church called the new pastor on December 31, 2007.

2008 ~ Reverend Ralph H. Hoist, III and Reverend E. Regina Hoist were installed as the third Pastor and Co-Pastor to continue the work of building God’s Church by teaching His people and winning souls for Christ. The New Disciples Class and Bible Study was started and held on Saturday mornings at 7:00 AM. The overflow sanctuary was created with the installation of a wide screen TV monitor.

2009 ~ Bethel Baptist Church purchased their first Baptismal Pool and held the first in-house Baptismal Service baptizing six candidates before a congregation of witnesses. The church website was developed and launched, the Bethel Choir was started at the end of 2008 and the first son was consecrated with the licensing of Minister Patrick G. Powell on Sunday July 12, 2009.

2010 ~ Pastor’s New Year’s Breakfast; Purchased new speakers; Pastor’s Office remodeled; implemented an office space for the Media Ministry; Also our debut of Bethel’s Children Praise and Mime Dance Ministry

2011 ~ Pastor’s New Year’s Breakfast; Sons of Boaz Men’s’ Ministry held the first Men’s Prayer Breakfast; Queens Vashti & Esther Women’s Ministry sponsored their first Women of Empowerment (W.O.E.) Concert

2012 ~ Pastor’s New Year’s Breakfast; Leadership Retreat held at Brigantine Oceanside Resort, Atlantic City, NJ; Jewels School of Charm & Distinction first completion soirée; This was the church wide Third Annual Community Health Fair and Music Ministry Celebration. On November 18th, 2012, five Deacons were Ordained.

2013 ~ Pastor’s New Year’s Breakfast; January, Annual Leadership Retreat held at the Poconos; May, Sons of Boaz Men’s Ministry held their second Men’s Prayer Breakfast; June, Rev. Ralph H. Host, III received his earned Doctorate Degree in theology and Rev. E. Regina Hoist began using her Doctorial Equivalency received in 2002. July, Fourth Annual Community Health Fair in July; October, Phone call prayer line POW (Prayer on Wednesday) commenced.

2014 ~ Pastor’s New Year’s Breakfast; January, Annual Leadership Retreat held at the Poconos; “Seven Last Sayings from the Cross" Good Friday Service featured seven phenomenal female preachers. Baptized two new disciples.

2015 ~ Pastor’s New Year’s Breakfast; Facebook page was created; August, First Woman’s Day Garden Party; Nov 22nd, Licensing Service of Deacon Ramel Howard who became the second son. 5th Annual winter Coat Give-away.

2016 ~ Facebook live streaming of sermons; Baptized three new disciples; Aug, Second Annual Women’s Day Garden Party.

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